Voluntary organisation slams CPS

The False Allegation Support Organisation (FASO)1, a charity that that for the past twelve years has run a support service for those falsely accused of rape and domestic abuse has accused the Crown Prosecution Service of deliberately failing to tell the whole story about this subject following the publication of their report last week.

The charity currently receives over 2,700 calls per year from those needing support and believes by trying to downplay this issue and sweep it under the carpet they are both ignoring the devastation that false allegations make to those accused but also the damage it does to those who are victims of domestic abuse or rape.

The report called ‘Under The Spotlight’ launched by the Director of Public Prosecutions (Kier Starmer) between January 2011 and May 2012 there were only 35 people prosecuted for making false allegations of rape and six for domestic abuse.

The charity believes this paints a deliberately misleading picture because the figures do not take into account false allegations that are made but either the police do not put forward to the CPS for prosecution, or when they do the CPS decide not to take forward to trial.

Hundreds of victims a year who contact the organisations helpline say that when they have asked the police to prosecute because they were falsely accused and the police agreed (often by dropping the case), the police state that it is “too much trouble” to prosecute the false accuser for perverting the course of justice. The police, CPS, Justice Department or Government Statistical Department do not keep the statistics as they have said they are too difficult to collect.

Margaret Gardener, Director of False Allegations Support Organisation, said: “We know rape and domestic abuse destroys lives but false allegations do too and it is a shame that the director of public prosecutions chose to give a false picture of the devastation to the lives of those wrongly accused. This is made even worse when their names are in the media, or they are arrested in front of family or work colleagues only to see the allegations be shown to be false.

“For the director of public prosecution to tell only part of the story and deliberately only look at those the CPS take forward and ignore those that are not taken forward is a failure in his duty to treat all victims of crime equally. A person falsely accused is a victim as well.

“I will be writing to him this week, to ask him to spend a day with me and my fellow volunteers so he can see for himself how false allegations destroy lives ?perhaps he will then take it more seriously.”

Many children are also affected by these allegations either being party to the acrimony, experiencing abuse by piers or denied their rights through social services child protection procedures, to see their accused parent/carer, when the parent/carer has been falsely accused, as known or witnessed by the child and others and had their case dropped.

You can read the report online as a PDF here.

Notes to Editors

The False Allegations Support Organisation (http://dev.false-allegations.org.uk//) is a UK organisation, run by volunteers, for the past 12 years. We are a refuge for the innocent, not a safe house for abusers in denial. Of its total calls in 2012 of 2761 (BT figures) it responded to 640. That is besides the e-mails from family and friends and letters from prisoner’s we receive.
The report is called “Under the spotlight: perverting the course of justice and wasting police time in cases involving allegedly false rape and domestic violence allegation” – http://www.cps.gov.uk/news/press_releases/under_the_spotlight/
To contact FASO, please call Margaret Gardener on 07909732031 or helpline 0144 335 1992 and email support@false-allegations.org.uk

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