The ECHR Criminal justice system failing disabled people

The ECHR  Criminal justice system failing disabled people   Published: 11 Jun 2020,order%20to%20ensure%20a%20fair

Equality watchdog says criminal justice system is failing and leaving disabled citizens “bewildered”.

FASO have highlighted this deficiency in their report the Welsh government. Making justice work in Wales dated 4.6.20 (similar is posted to England) para c and d are the pertinent paragraphs.

Para  2. Police – Using the term victim pre supposes this person is not guilty when only the court can decide that.  It brings greater stigma to the accused especially in sex cases and exacerbates the media to make up lurid suppositions.

a.            Amending the pre-bail/ under investigations to a determined date for ceasing investigations. This will then create and not exacerbate mental health issues as at present. 

b.            Stop advising accusers of date/time of accused’s interviews – homes are ransacked and often all goods and chattels removed, sold or locks changed. Appropriate applied consequences to police personal, if this happens.

c.             Statistics are needed as to the reasons why cases have been opened, progressed and reasons for dropping the case.

d.            All arrested or asked in for voluntary interviews to have, pre interview, a mental health ‘triage’ by qualified practitioner – paid for by Health service. e.            Given the prison service are using the lie detector test for those coming out of prison – this should happen at the question time for both accuser and accused. Equality of arms.

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