How amazing that after the Henrique report into the Met’s handling of the allegations against Cliff Richard and Paul Gambaccini, which was followed by the senior police officer’s investigation into the validity of the Henriques report.  A change in the re-training of police officers was made.

All in the name of equality and fairness

Now that not many accused are being sent to court and found guilty, or cases dropped – there is an outcry that the accused are ‘getting away with it’

How many of these numbers are actually those falsely accused?  Strangely there are no figures to identify that fact, nor whispers that may be the case.

False allegations are buried by both media, government, police/CPS, the victim’s commissioner, and the women’s lobby – whilst there Is no counter lobby for those being falsely accused (which includes women, children and others) because if they try to raise their heads above the parapet, they are again vilified as society views them as ‘no smoke without fire’

Also, Women’s group argue that that having the complainant’s phones/computers examined in a police investigation is an abuse of privacy against their human rights.  However, if the accused person is to be entitled to any defence at all then this is often necessary.  People accused of offences will invariably have their phones/computer examined and their privacy compromised.  The Liam Allan case demonstrates how important it is for the police to check the veracity of the complaint in this way in order to avoid miscarriages of justice.

Police should be doing a thorough investigation into who is telling the truth – and looking at digital input will help to show this.

Those accused have never had the right in stopping the police taking all their digital phones and computers etc – and the police have been doing so for the past 20 years, ever since I have been supporting in this field.

What is equality here. There is supposed to be one law for all

Unfortunately, the law is weighted on the side of those who shout the loudest and get the most media cover, in order to brow beat the police/CPS, government who tend to give way to those creating such an outcry.

It is about time those falsely accused and their supporters got together, and started shouting with their evidence of the wrong being done against them, despite the pressures of being falsely accused a second time, as they have the temerity (will be said) to tell the truth and shout out against the false accuser.

The falsely accused is the modern form of the witch hunt which ceased in the 1750’s – you are dammed if you stand up for your truth, and forever after targeted, when found not guilty or there is no evidence against you.

Justice needs to be that JUSTICE – not for those that can shout the loudest.

In order to achieve justice, we need to find a balance for a failing system and work together to recognise those failings and redress the diversity of these issues, by discussion and debate. 

Both those genuine victims and the falsely accused need to be brought together in discussion and debate so all innocent individuals are supported fully.

Margaret Gardener


20 Years supporting the falsely accused

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