Home Office Overhauls Police Complaints and Discipline Process

The changes ensure that complaints can be dealt with quickly, effectively and proportionately. On Friday 10 January the Home Office is introducing legislation that will shake up how complaints made against the police are handled and improve the discipline system for officers. The changes, which will come into effect on 1 February, ensure that complaints can be dealt with quickly, effectively and proportionately, not just for the benefit of the public but also for the police. As well as simplifying the complaints system, the changes mean Police and Crime Commissioners will have a greater role to increase independence and improve complaints handling.

Read more: Home Office, https://is.gd/PdAXQ0



bullshit total bullshit i have endured 5 yrs of hell having been accused of aserious sexual assaualt by Rachel who does not technically exist but is a man hating alter of a lady with Dissociative identity Disorder . This woman started blackmailing me the moment i found her a home.Finally after the host 4 yrs abused raped and tortured as the allegation removed my protection Dyfed Powys Police are still issuing me with threats because i revealed they do not care and do not protect the most vulnerable. and the real abuser a self confessed sadist took his life. The only way you get justice is to have money. Social services abdicated responsibility for the abuse and Dyfed Powys Police stating the victim consenting. Other wise having destroyed my life my daughters wedding and graduation they would have to pay compensation . So they issue threats to attempt to get me to delete evidence


“The only way you get justice is to have money.” and people on your side, bro. Stay strong.
Gather evidence, body cam if necessary, that kind of thing. Record phone calls, and write transcripts, ready to use. It’s a hard slog, and none of it paid like a lawyer (even though it’s similar hard work). But stay strong. Get exercise, fresh air and keep your health and that of your family. Don’t let the bastards grind you down. Don’t let them turn you into one of them, either! The world needs solutions not more passing-the-buck excuse-making, and if you can be part of the solution, good on you. More people out there might have your back than you realise. Just get evidence and keep calm, I know it’s provocative as hell sometimes.


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