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FASO Isle of Wight      

faso is a voluntary organisation dedicated to supporting
anyone affected by a false allegation of abuse

faso offers clear information, practical advice, and emotional support to anyone affected by false accusation

The national faso Helpline
0844 335 1992
is available to anyone affected by false allegations of abuse
Monday to Friday, 6pm to 10pm

False accusation can happen to you, your partner, your son, daughter, grandchild, grandparent, best friend, neighbour or colleague. Social respect and community status are no protection against a criminal investigation or social services intrusion into your life. False accusation can happen to anyone, and it IS happening to thousands.

Police and other authorities operate in the belief that "...it may be that innocent people are being convicted, but we ought to be more worried about the guilty who might get away." Sir William Utting, former Chief Inspector of Social Services.

Falsely accused families are offered information and help with how Child Protection operates, and support for the shock of Social Services' intrusion into their lives.

Wrongly convicted prisoners are offered help with links to lawyers and other specialists to review cases and advice on appeals with free information and newsletters.

INFORMATION 0844 335 1992

How Social Services referrals operate (Child Protection). Family rights and resources.
How the criminal justice system works. The process of investigation by police and other authorities from assessment/arrest through to trial.
How corroborative evidence is obtained. How reluctant "victims" are encouraged to make statements and give evidence. How the law permits the public exposure of the (falsely) accused person's identity in the media, and protects the "victim's" anonymity. How the prison system works. Conditions, transfers, visits, treatment programmes & therapy, parole. Post release and aftercare. Employment, housing, parental rights, contact arrangements.

AID 0844 335 1992

First Aid: What (not) to do if arrested and interviewed. Who to contact. Who to trust and mistrust.
Law Aid: Access to faso's database of the most experienced and successful solicitors and barristers.
Civil Aid: Influence and power of Social Services. Guide to the Children Act. Regulations that direct how Social Services should treat families. Access to your personal file, and confidential documents. Attendance at case conferences.
Appeal Aid: How to prepare and present a case for legal review. Advice on appeals.

  • Reassurance is available that you are not alone. 120,000 innocent adults are accused every year. An average of 40% of all Social Services' initial investigations are revealed as groundless. (Home Office Statistics)
  • Network of members and supporters to help each other as accused families.
  • Attendance, where possible, at your trial.
  • Network of members and supporters to maintain contact with convicted prisoners.
  • Links to campaigning and lobbying justice groups and other accredited organisations.


faso is a voluntary organisation dedicated to supporting anyone affected by a false allegation of abuse

Associate Member of The Helplines Association (THA) 2002 to 2013 - Registered with Data Protection

Thanks to all those who completed the survey. FASO generated 10% of the total responses to the survey. The anonymous information provided by respondents has informed the content of the new Helplines Standard, which defines best practice in 80 criteria relating to helpline activity.

HELPLINE: 0844 335 1992 open Monday to Friday, 6pm to 10pm
or write to FASO c/o 176 Risca Road, Crosskeys, Newport, NP11 7DH