False Allegations Support Organisation (FASO) – Isle of Wight

The first priority of the FASO (IOW) group is to carry out prison visiting for those who meet the FASO criteria as and when the volunteers can.  We are always open to new volunteers joining us, subject to our checks –

given the limited number of volunteers we have at the moment  those who request our visits (prisoner or home visits to  family member on the Isle of Wight)  are added to the waiting list to be visited.

The visits can be pastoral or not, as those being visited choose.

The secondary aim of FASO is to promote the plight of the falsely accused in various ways both by giving factual information and moral support,

In doing this we visit and/or liaise with those in authority wherever they may be, who might be interested in the plight of prisoners and their families from whatever walk of life.

Thirdly we hold fund raising activities again  highlighting the plight of the falsely accused in order to promote our cause, the funds then pay for passing or attending meetings providing the information of our support work to both the House of Commons the House of Lords, Judiaciary, Academia, as well as prison authorities, MAPPA, NOMS, the Police and social service authorities

Thus bringing to light the problems of the falsely accused prisoners and their families –along with the support of FASO (UK) HQ

FASO(UK)  headquarters communicate by letter/e-mail and phone (helpline) with all of the UK before, during and after trial as well as prisoners and send factual information on request, along with names of recommended solicitors and provide moral support.  This is alongside the falsely accused of child protection issues.

Activities of FASO Isle Of Wight and the HQ related work for all of FASO UK

Meeting-At a PPMI meeting Meeting-Attending a PPMI meeting and our stall. Poem by Steven western (24) Meeting-At a CCRC confernce with prominent people! (22) Meeting-At a CCRC conference with Mark Newby speaking(20) Bobby and Tessa meeting the Isle of Wight M.P Andrew Turner (1) EVENT-At a recent Coffee morning and an awarness day event held on the island (3) - Copy - Copy EVENT-Sign for a coffee morning raising money for the local Isle of Wight group of FASO (5) - Copy - Copy Having a chat about FASO and tea at the old people's home Visiting the H.O.Lords
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