Downing Street ‘to set target for rape trials’


Taken from information in prison accessed newspapers sent to FASO

Downing Street ‘to set target for rape trials’

Precise – police and prosecutor could be set target to increase the number of rape cases brought to court, following sharp decline.

Comment: The Police training college brought out training instructions that investigations had to be equal, between accused and accusers – all accused have their media items especially phones taken, you may ask! ‘why is there a problem taking the accusers’ phone.

I hear the CPS are now actually pushing through more cases of rape through to court – despite the fact the investigations were identifying cases that were weak in evidence, of accusation. Has the police college instructions being overridden, because the falsely accused were being identified, not to the liking of some organisations/groups/news media – hence their cry of falling figures sent to court

The CCRC have produced figures as the result from a freedom of information request of the applications received at the CCRC of sex offences. The dates are between 2010/11 and 2017/18 that were sent to the RCJ (Royal Courts of Justice)

Received – 1,948, 2010/11 – 10 cases, 2011-12 – 2 cases, 2012/13 – 7, 2013/14 – 2, 2014/15 – 1, 2015/16 – 1, 2016/17 – 1, 2017/18 – 1, 2018/19 – nil, 2019/20 – nil

Cardiff innocence project was the last case we know of, who had an overturning of conviction.

Our Organisation along with others are still awaiting the outcome of the APPG discussions on the ‘CCRC not fit for practice’ deliberation.

Covid practices – No support for those falsely accused of sex offences and are being made to go to the police station for interview. That may be despite them being part of a vulnerable Covid family, whilst solicitors are supporting them by phone. Some accused, with families, are being made homeless, whilst child protection investigations are ongoing. No police/cps government support for the accused – who suffer along with families greatly, whilst awaiting both Police/CPS delayed decisions followed by delayed court procedures.

FAMILY issues

One of our callers has been deeply upset and was looking for support for families with children (of whatever age) suffering from FAS/FAE/FASD. These produce unrecognized symptoms by most, especially by police and CPS, (in the UK) when investigating those accused of sex allegations

It is apparently not very well known of – However there is some information to be had on –


FASO UK 11.10.20

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