Article: Modern-Day Witch Hunts

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Roberts, Joan L. Mrs. (2020) “Modern-Day Witch Hunts: How the Mental Health Industry Abuses Patients and the Judiciary While Committing Fraud,” Conspectus Borealis: Vol. 5 : Iss. 1 , Article 4.

She says:

In 2010 my husband and I (Air Force veterans) were falsely accused of a crime that did not exist. Soon, I found other parents in the same predicament. Following years of research, I connected false allegations and false claims, to therapists and CPS engaging in junk science. It disturbed me that self-regulated licensing boards were allowing licensees to commit fraud and false claims, with legislators standing mute.

I set out to right the wrong of child endangerment and adult vulnerability abuse manifested through psychologically controlling tactics and ‘regressive’ memory therapies. It provably destroys lives, creating a scenario of false allegations and wrongful convictions.

In May 2020, I graduated with honors from Northern Michigan University, earning a degree in criminal justice. University peers reviewed and published my final article on this damning phenomenon. Citing case studies, it summarizes junk science, leading the reader to understand resulting patient abuse, related suicides and, wrongful convictions of third parties.

Michigan legislators have a current bill (Senate Bill 111) addressing the multi-problematic self-regulated peer boards. To counter continuing abuse and false claims, legislators must fine-tooth comb all mental health regulations and statutes that shield licensees. My article link and testimony, regarding SB 111, is published on the Judiciary and Public Safety site.

The injustice of therapy abuse and false claims is tragic; the victims, many. I examined costs to all parties, notwithstanding states’ expense through deserved exonerations of innocent third parties. However, licensees continue business-as-usual . . . your tax dollars at work.

Please consider reading and sharing my article, Modern-Day Witch Hunts: How the Mental Health Industry Abuses Patients and the Judiciary While Committing Fraud.

After three decades of state and federally funded therapy beliefs that abuse patients and the judiciary, it is time to stop the destruction. Patients and third parties have a right to know that bad therapy can wreak havoc in their lives and turn them against their own families. Patients pay while therapists financially benefit. This is wrong.

I have been interviewed four times on radio and presented in criminal justice classes. In addition, I was a guest speaker at the 2019 Upper Peninsula Conservative Political Action Conference. In my spare time, I volunteer for the National Center for Reason and Justice.

Please help educate the public and our judiciary by sharing the article.

Thank you for reading,

Joan L. Roberts

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