Maximum Match Points for Justice

One of the hardest things a lot of people find to understand about False Allegations is what they say about the legal Justice system and how it is functioning.  Often there are calls for new laws of checks to be put in place, or various “lessons to be learnt” when, in truth, the laws we have in the country – the lMatch4aws that are meant to protect each and every one of us – are already in place.  It is understandable to hear people say things like: “well, he must have done something wrong if they have charged him and taken him to court.”

The scariest thing is that unless people have personal experience of false allegations they genuinely don’t know that this is not t he case.  It might be hard to imagine, but people genuinely are arrested, charged and even – in some terrible examples – convicted where there is no more than the testimony of the claimant (the correct term, as opposed to “victim”).  In fact, in many case, and especially when the case is an historical case, there is no evidence that any crime was even committed.  There is no broken window to show the vandalism; no missing car to show the theft; no burning building to show the arson; and no body or huge amount of bloody to show a murder.  There’s nothing.

So people can be facing a trial that not only are they not guilty of, but one that never even happened.  However, it is important to remember that FASO does not deny in any way that abuse does happen.  Quiet the opposite, in fact.  It worries us greatly that whilst the police waste their time entertaining yet another liar’s fantasy. there are other real victims who need their help.

We are supposed to live in a society that shares in a belief that all children should be protected from harm.  But we are also supposed to be able to rely on the idea of being treated as “innocent until PROVEN guilty”.  But in reality…this simply isn’t the case.

So, here’s an image to have some thought over.  Match up the 4 terms with the 4 statements.  Share your thoughts on what it might say not just about the issues of false allegations, but also how they work in hand with child protection.  Remember, FASO believe in the support of ALL genuine victims of these terrible crimes against people of all ages.


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