2014 Miscarriage of Justice Day Public Meeting

AUGUST 7, 2014

The 13th National Miscarriage of Justice Day returns to it’s roots in Liverpool.

Saturday 11th October 2014

Liverpool John Moores University have kindly agreed to host the event in their John Foster Building.

John Foster Building,
80-90 Mount Pleasant,
L3 5UZ

All workshops and meetings are free and open to everyone opposed to miscarriages of justice. Donations to UAI welcome, to help cover costs. The following details will be updated as further confirmations become available, so please check back frequently and help raise awareness of the event in any way you can. A printable flyer will be available shortly when details are finalised.

10:00 Doors open 10:30 Morning Workshops begin
Starting an New Group
Documents and Disclosure
CCRC applications (CCRC representatives will be present)

13:00 Lunch Interval
A 1 hour related documentary will be shown while we break for teas, coffees, snacks and cakes.

14:00 Speakers confirmed so far include :-

Ashleigh Towers
Ashleigh Towers

Ashleigh Towers – Ashleigh campaigns on behalf of her brother Jordan Towers wrongly convicted under Joint Enterprise for murder, for the past 7 years working hard to keep Jordan’s case alive in the system. His case is currently under review for a second time with the CCRC, due to her hard efforts a BBC documentary has been commissioned on Jordan’s case as a result of which a follow up documentary regarding police interviews in JE cases. Ashleigh also lobbied the Government on the yourGov website in relation to Joint Enterprise which played a crucial part in Lord Ouseley raising the subject with Parliament which in effect played a significant role in the justice select committee coming together to debate the Joint Enterprise doctrine. You can read about Jordan’s case here – http://justice4jordan.wronglyaccusedperson.org.uk/

Carol Toal

Carol Toal – Carol Toal will be speaking about her son’s case. Sean Toal was convicted of a murder in which all of the forensic evidence points to another identifiable individual. Most people will agree that providing the evidence is sufficient, credible, strong enough, and independently corroborated, the passage of time shouldn’t interfere with someone being brought to justice if they’ve committed a crime – the same should apply when exculpatory evidence is discovered post conviction in securing the release of an innocent person, particularly when that same evidence strongly suggests the identity of the actual perpetrator. The passage of time isn’t a good reason to exclude evidence from appeal. Sean’s case is currently being reviewed by the SCCRC. http://justice4sean.wronglyaccusedperson.org.uk/

Daniel Macarthur

Daniel Macarthur – With the new Hillsborough inquest underway and unlikely to be concluded until next year, his talk will by necessity be restricted to the campaigning aspect of seeking justice for the 96 and the hardships and difficulties faced along the way. United Against Injustice would like to extend a hand of solidarity with the families and friends of the 96 as they endure this, hopefully just and final, quest for the truth.

Ross Patel

Ross Patel -Mr Patel is a technology forensic consultant listed on the ‘UK Register of Expert Witnesses’ (Law Society / Sweet & Maxwell) and vetted member of the ‘Expert Witness Institute’ (EWI) and ‘Academy of Experts’ (AoE), specialising in the analysis of computing and data storage evidence. He is the inventor of the CELL ANALYST; a revolutionary toolkit for telecommunication investigations across GSM/UMTS infrastructures, as used by a number of leading analysts throughout the UK and Europe for advanced cell site analysis investigations, surveys and mapping. His area of expertise is extensively used in various investigations today, in particular Joint Enterprise, fraud, conspiracy etc. You can read more about him here – http://afentisdigitalforensics.blogspot.co.uk/p/about.html

CCRC Representative (Name and position to be confirmed) A representative from the CCRC will also speak in the afternoon session. Further details to be confirmed shortly.

Inquest – Inquest will be sending a representative to speak in the afternoon session at this year’s meeting. This will bring unity between different forms of injustice, talking about the similarities in difficulties faced which will help demonstrate the systemic nature of these problems. They’ll also bring to the table their experience in getting public figures and authorities on board, which will hopefully help you understand how to expand the circle of support for your own causes.

More precise information will be available shortly due to annual leave.

Student Innocence Projects – The Innocence Network UK has stopped operating as a network and providing services to student innocence projects. There are still however many innocence projects across the country who intend to carry on. A student will talk of the future of those projects and how they intend to carry on providing a new, hopefully improved, service. Dr Andrew Green has written on the subject here – UK Innocence Projects: a bright future
Further speakers to add when confirmed.

5:00 Meeting concludes followed by some light entertainment in a more social setting.

Miscarriage of Justice Day Evening Entertainment

The Casa Bar, which is where the first ever meeting to discuss the formation of United Against Injustice, has been secured as a venue for entertainment after this year’s Miscarriage of Justice Day meeting on October 11th. The Casa Bar is just yards away from the LJMU John Foster Building.

The Casa Bar, 29 Hope St, Liverpool, Merseyside L1 9BQ

MC Graham Robinson
Joy France
Louise Fazackerly
Dave Gilbey
Alison Down

If you’d like to take the mic, or have someone read one of your pieces for you, please contact Graham Robinson or Joy France (links are facebook pages). Alternatively, you can email Billy Middleton (admin@wronglyaccusedperson.org.uk) and he will forward them your information.

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