FASO: Clear information; practical advice; emotional support; here for anyone affected by false allegations of abuse.

False Allegations

In the UK today ordinary people like you, with nothing to hide, can be falsely accused of sex offences and child protection issues on almost no evidence, and without any proper witnesses to support the story.
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How Can You Help?

You can support FASO by donating. This is vital to supporting the falsely accused. All money is generated through grants, donations and subscriptions.

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Many innocent people are being falsely falsely accused of sex offences and child protection issues and having their lives turned upside down before any proper investigation… The effects are devastating for the accused, their families, friends and even the local community.

InsideTime story – Falsely accused!

Campaigner fighting for those who claim to be wrongly convicted of sex offences on the word of an accuser ‘should be put in for a Damehood’

Funding request

Due to FASO voluntary organisation not receiving funding, just small individual donations, we are looking for an entrepreneur to fund a free helpline for 5 years, to benefit those that need our services.

To the Editor of the the Daily Mail

Dear Editor Rape victims could be given lawyers to protect them in court Daily Mail, p19, Feb 24th 2021. Let’s cut to the chase – to save tax payers money on both lawyers and court – The rape accuser – alleges, passes go and collects money, the accused go direct to jail without a trial… Read more »