FASO is a voluntary organisation that offers clear information, practical advice, and emotional support to anyone affected by false allegation of abuse.

You have done nothing wrong. But that does not protect you.

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The national FASO Helpline is available to anyone affected by false allegations of abuse
Phone: 0844 335 1992 Monday to Friday, 6pm to 10pm. Media may call at anytime.
Email: support@false-allegations.org.uk
You can also write to:
FASO c/o 176 Risca Road, Crosskeys, Newport, NP11 7DH.

False Allegations

  1. In the UK today ordinary people like you, with nothing to hide, can be accused of abuse on almost no evidence, and without any proper witnesses to support the story.
  3. The strain of "child protection" intruding into your family can make you depressed, ill, or push you into debt, and therefore leave you unable to provide your child with the care you usually give them.
  5. Your children can be taken away from you, then quickly and irreversibly adopted into another family.
  7. You can be arrested in your own home in front of your family, friends and neighbours, held in a police cell, interviewed under caution, charged and called to appear in court.
  8. You can be convicted without proof, evidence, witnesses or corroboration and live for years in prison.
  10. You live for ever after under suspicion by the authorities.
  12. Any other child you have now or later will be at risk of the same treatment and may be removed from you.
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... many innocent people are being wrongly accused of child abuse and whose lives in consequence are being turned upside down without due justification. ... Children are made to live in constant fear of being parted from their parents. The climate is like that of a witchhunt in which the voice of reason and all sense of proportion is lost. Earl Howe. House of Lords "Child Abuse" Hansard 17 Oct. 2001 read more...

Can't Explain: A Frightening Tale of Parental Alienation Syndrome

'Can't Explain' is an invaluable resource for all parents going through difficult times associated with family breakdown. It tells the story of a father's tortuous fight to win the right to retain contact with his only child after his marriage break-up. Although the characters in the book are fictional their story is based on real-life situations. It tells of the strange and desperately emotional events that unfolded over a number of years. It wasn't until it was too late for this father that he realised and fully understood he had been a victim of Parental Alienation.

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FASO is a voluntary organisation dedicated to supporting anyone affected by a false allegation of abuse