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False Allegations

In the UK today ordinary people like you, with nothing to hide, can be accused of abuse on almost no evidence, and without any proper witnesses to support the story.
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You can support FASO by donating. This is vital to supporting the falsely accused. All money is generated through grants, donations and subscriptions.

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Many innocent people are being falsely accused of child abuse and having their lives turned upside down before any proper investigation... The effects are devastating for the accused, their families, friends and even the local community.

The feminising of justice that makes it hard for men charged with rape to get a fair trial, writes human rights lawyer BARBARA HEWSON

Of course, rape is a terrible crime and gang-rape is one of the worst things that human beings can do to another person. So, had four young men who were arrested after a group sex session at a student ball been found guilty of sex crimes, they would have been jailed for many years… Read… Read more »

Maximum Match Points for Justice

One of the hardest things a lot of people find to understand about False Allegations is what they say about the legal Justice system and how it is functioning. ¬†Often there are calls for new laws of checks to be put in place, or various “lessons to be learnt” when, in truth, the laws we… Read more »

Justice Gap

Innocence: Making History http://thejusticegap.com/2014/12/innocence-making-history/

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